Summer Enrichment Camp FAQ's

What is the camp schedule?

Summer Enrichment Camp begins with staff training the week of June 1. The children from the neighborhood will be attending the camp from June 8-July 23. Our camp runs Monday through Thursday each week. The exceptions to this are the week of staff training, which runs Monday through Friday, and the week at Camp Luz, which runs Sunday afternoon through Friday morning.

What if I need days off for vacation or a missions trip?

The Lighthouse understands that many of the staff serving with our summer camp will have some other commitments during the summer. The online application provides an opportunity for you to check off the days you are not available to work. One week off is expected, two weeks off is understandable, but not preferable. If your summer schedule requires you to miss more than two weeks of work at the camp, then it will more that likely affect your ability to be hired. With only seven weeks of camp, missing more than two weeks means you will not be able to provide a consistent presence in the lives of the children you will be working with. We believe the relationships built with the children is the reason our camp is successful.

Will I be able to have another job?

Yes. Your camp responsibilities are Monday through Thursday each week and each work day is finished at 3 p.m. for High School Interns and by 3:30 p.m. for the Educational Ministry Interns.

This schedule give you three-day weekends and evenings for working elsewhere. Understand that the Summer Enrichment Camp is to be your priority and you will not be allowed to leave before your assigned time for other jobs and responsibilities. Make sure to schedule around the camp as much as possible.

Again, the exceptions to this are the weeks of staff training and the week at Camp Luz.

How will my stipend be affected if I need to miss a day during a given week?

High School Interns receive a stipend of $120 per week or $30 per day. The Educational Ministry Interns (post-high school/college) stipend is $200 per week or $50 per day. 

If you miss a day of work, that week’s stipend will be calculated by number of days you work multiplied by the daily amount you earn. Please note that the rates mentioned above are for first year internships. The same rationale applies to the stipend rates for 2nd and 3rd year interns.

What if I can't commit to the week at Camp Luz?

The two weeks we are at Camp Luz are the most difficult for Luz to find staff making our partnership with them extremely beneficial. We need our staff to make every effort to arrange their schedule to allow for this.

That being said, we understand that working at Camp Luz presents a unique work schedule compared to the rest of our Summer Enrichment Camp and may be difficult for some staff to work into their schedule. In some instances this may mean that you will have the week off.

We will handle this on a case by case basis.

Working at Camp Luz is a larger time commitment. Will the pay be different for that week?

Yes, you will receive one additional day of pay for that week.

What will my schedule look like during the week at Camp Luz?

You will need to report to camp Sunday afternoon by 1:00 p.m. for staff orientation and to meet the camp pastor, review the week’s schedule and to pray and worship together. This is also where you and your lead counselor will meet and begin game-planning for your week together with the kids. The students you work with at SEC will also be in your cabin. The campers arrive later Sunday afternoon and head home Thursday evening. Thursday evening and Friday morning you will help do some end of the week cleaning details, take part in a staff meetings and will head home by 12 p.m. on Friday. Your days will be filled with input from the camp pastor twice a day, group games, arts and craft times, cabin devotion/discussion times, amazing meals and evening camp fires. Oh, and the much-appreciated “little feet-off-the-floor-time” each day (also known as the mandatory “lay on your bed” time).