Bullets to Beauty


What can God do with our pain?

The Bullets to Beauty Project was inspired by Jesus’ call to love our enemies and to see every person as created in the image of God; a contrast to our culture’s tendency to solve our problems with power and violence. The Bullet Table, specifically, was set in motion by a gun death in the Lighthouse neighborhood. The Bible speaks of a day when weapons of violence will be remade into things that are useful, good, and beautiful. 

Bullets are meant to take life, and when used against people, communicate the inability to see someone as human, as not worthy of living, and as disposable. In contrast, a table is a place we gather to sit down as equals, a place to work out our differences, and a place to break bread together. These contrasting yet superimposed images are meant to shake us and call us, as Kingdom people, to be part of the work of taking the brokenness we see all around us and to forge something new and beautiful.

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