Service Learning Trips

Groups that are looking for week-long service learning experiences will find a unique and transformational opportunity here at the Lighthouse. 

Read below for more information.


The scheduled portion of your week with us is divided evenly between Learning, Serving, and Relating.  This combination of education and experience will not only make for a powerful time here in Canton but also be instrumental in shaping and growing a passion for serving in a Christ-like way.


Your group will serve primarily at the Lighthouse and for local agencies and home-owners.  The Lighthouse also has established relationships with more than 15 additional organizations in town if needed.  Our hope is that through these experiences you will be made aware of the lack of resources many impoverished neighborhoods face and inspired by the evidence of how God is working in these places.


Each day will include an educational component which could include anything from a bible study to interviews with men at the homeless shelter to poverty simulation exercises.  Each Thursday evening your group will take part in one of our prayer paths providing time for reflection on what God is saying to you, how He is challenging you, and what He is calling you to.  Our hope is that through these experiences you will become increasingly aware of how complex the issue of poverty is and what role the church is called to play beyond mere aid.


Your group will send significant time with the children of our neighborhood either as part of our After School Program or our Summer Activities Project (depending on the time of year you visit).  Our hope is that through these experiences you come to a deep appreciation for God’s creation through meeting people whose world-view, environment, and story are completely different than your own.

Length of Stay

Groups coming to the Lighthouse arrive on Sunday and leave on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning.  Our program schedule mandates at least this length of stay.  Groups looking for experiences of a shorter nature should consider our three day Plunge2Poverty  events.


The cost for our Service Learning Trips is only $99 per person after your group’s initial deposit of $250 to hold the week. The deposit is non-refundable.


  • two gas ovens
  • one large refrigerator and one small chest freezer
  • one large microwave oven
  • plenty of pots and pans
  • plates, cups, bowls, and silverware for 40
  • seating for up to 40
  • one four slot toaster
  • two electric griddles
  • two crock pots
  • one roaster
  • large and small coffee makers
  • ten pitchers
  • three showers
  • 4 bathrooms
  • game room
  • outdoor basketball court

For more information or to explore scheduling a week-long experience at the Lighthouse, please contact Darin Nissley at 330-417-0379 or by email at