Welcome to the facilities calendar for First Mennonite Church and the Lighthouse. The intent of this tool is to facilitate better communication between the Lighthouse and the church in the shared use of our facilities. Our spaces are designated by the color code to the right. The key for the program or organization using the space is found below. Please fill out the Google form below to submit your request. Seirra Crock, Lighthouse Office Manager will oversee the Facilities Calendar and enter the requests as they come in.

Facility Use Reservation Form


Seirra Crock, LH Office Manager



FMC: First Mennonite Church

ASP: After-School Program

BUX: Bethel University

WRK: Work Project

HSC: High School Club

MSC: Middle School Club

SAP: Summer Activities Project

RNT: Rental

SEC: Summer Enrichment Camp

SLP: Service Learning Program

MTG: Meeting