CITYSojourn ONE YEAR is an eleventh-month internship for young adults, ages 21-26, who are interested in exploring the intersection of faith, community, and social justice. 

Live in southeast Canton while learning from those you live alongside. Service in the various ministries that are offered through the Lighthouse and our community partners. Gather weekly to engage and discuss the issues surrounding poverty, race, and peace & justice. Be mentored by urban leaders.  

We exist to provide young adults with opportunities for spiritual formation and personal development through year-long internships; by serving, learning, and living in an inner-city neighborhood.

We desire to see people, regardless of calling and career path, embrace the complexities of culture, poverty, race, and community development; to be empowered as Kingdom citizens offering healing and hope in a broken world.

Communal Living
Spiritual Formation
Leadership Development
Experiential Activism