Thank you so much for taking part in the Day of Giving!

A fundraiser on Saturday, April 25, to celebrate and support the giftedness of our students

The Day of Giving is an online celebration of our students and our community. We have all sorts of fun things planned for that day, including a children’s art showcase, a live guided tour of the Lighthouse, testimonies, art giveaways and more. Join us on Facebook or Instagram for the party!

The first $10,000 given will be tripled by our sponsors!

Your gift of $50 = $150 to the Lighthouse!
Your gift of $100 = $300 to the Lighthouse!
Your gift of $1000 = $3000 to the Lighthouse!

Every child is a gift!

Your gift today sends that message loud and clear!

We will be going live on our Facebook page every half-hour with something new.

Day of Giving 2020

10:00 AM | Opening Thoughts

Sean Swanson

10:30 AM | My Lighthouse Story

Tricia Burton

11:00 AM | How the Lighthouse Started

Darin Nissley

11:30 AM | Tour the Lighthouse

Darin Nissley

12:00 PM | Live Music

Liz Hand

12:30 PM | How Art Gives Children A Voice

Darin Nissley

1:00 PM | Children's Art Showcase

Kelly Klein

1:30 PM | My Lighthouse Story

Mallory Floyd

2:00 PM | History of the Southeast

Jacci Stuckey

2:30 PM | Business Builders Club & Live Art Auction Begins

Kelly Klein

3:00 PM | Ministry in the Time of COVID-19

Darin Nissley

3:30 PM | Student Development Pathway

Jen Webb & Darin Nissley

4:00 PM | Why I Rappelled A 14-Story Building

Tamia, Markayla and Jenelle

4:30 PM | Tour of the Lighthouse (Replay)

Darin Nissley

5:00 PM | My Lighthouse Story (Replay)

Tricia Burton

5:30 PM | Live Music

Andy Reynolds

6:00 PM | Thank Yous

7:00 PM | Student Art Auction Closes

7:30 PM | A Bedtime Story Read By Tiana

If you have any questions about how to tune in to the festivities online or how to give a celebration gift, please email Kelly at

We are so thankful for the incredible generosity of our sponsors who have made this event and the tripling of your gift possible!

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