Opportunities to Cultivate Your Creativity

C2 Saturdays offer unique learning experiences allowing your child to discover, embrace, and cultivate the creativity that God has gifted and instilled in each and every one of us.



  • The Lighthouse Ministries Strings program is a free strings training program provided to students in the Lighthouse Ministries after-school program in Southeast Canton. The mission of this program is to provide free, high quality lessons and instruments to students, making musical learning a more accessible and equitable experience.
  • Program runs October 7 through April 27.
  • To read more information on the Canton Symphony Orchestra website, click here.


  • Critical thinking, design, and collaboration skills are becoming more and more necessary in today’s world. Our robotics club provides all that and more, as students work in teams to build and program robots to tackle that year’s mission: an obstacle course where teams earn points as their robots accomplish tasks. 
  • Through partnership with One Byte at a Time, an organization committed to helping individuals discover passion and purpose through technology, Lighthouse students have the opportunity to dream big in the world of robotics. 
  • There will be regularly scheduled competitions against other nonprofits in Canton City.  


  • Sign up for the Lighthouse pottery program to come and learn the basics of hand-building and wheel-work. Discover the ceramic process from start to finish, learn glazing techniques, watch demonstrations with lots of support from the instructor.
  • Program runs November 4 through December 16.


  • Honey bees are an important insect that are familiar to almost everyone. As part of our Beekeeper’s club, your child will become “Hive Minded” as we learn all about bees – what are the different types of bees in a hive, what do they need to survive, and how they communicate and work together to ensure the hive’s safety and success. Bees are great teachers. We will take time each time we gather to see what life lessons we can take away from these amazing creatures!
  • Program will open in the spring of 2024.

Please note that across all Lighthouse  programming, spots are reserved first for children who live inside the Lighthouse neighborhood (within 10 blocks of the Lighthouse). If spots remain open or unfilled, the Lighthouse will open spots up to to students and families who live outside of that 10-block radius. A more complete explanation of how this works will be emailed to you once your child is registered.