Serve. Learn. Relate. Renew.


Groups from all over the United States and Canada come to the Lighthouse every year. From weekend poverty simulations to eight-week summer internships our service learning experiences are designed to educate and empower participants to be active life-long Kingdom citizens.


One Day

Service Projects

Spend a day at the Lighthouse to take care of various work projects around our facilities. Work days are set aside for local groups who have established or are looking to establish a long-term relationship with the Lighthouse and our community.

One Week

Service Learning Trips

The combination of education and experience will not only make for a powerful time here in Canton, but helps shape and grow passsion for serving in a Christ like way...


One Summer   

Summer Internships

Spend eight weeks of your summer serving as part of our Summer Enrichment Camp staff. A day camp for the children in the Lighthouse's neighborhood. We have positions available for both high school and college students...

One Year

Residential Internship

Spend a year with other young adults from around the country living in community at the Hope House. Dedicate a year to personal growth, faith development and exploring vocation as part of a learning comminty. A year that will shape the rest of your life...

Canton Immersion

Canton Immersion

Designed specifically for college students this three day experience will expose you to many of the issues facing our country’s urban centers. Homelessness, Urban Renewal, poverty simulations, exploring the value of advocating for the marginalized, working at our after-school program... The Immersion experience is like drinking from a fire hydrant...


Plunge 2 Poverty

Plunge2Poverty is an intense poverty simulation experience designed to confront participants with the realities of a life lived in poverty. You will do difficult things and will be physically and emotionally exhausted. Being placed outside of your comfort zone is a gift; a gift of perspective and empathy...




"The week was great. I learned a great deal about our team-members, myself... and what it means to serve. The ministries all humbled, inspired, and challenged me."