Academic Motivation

Children growing up in the Allen and Belden Elementary neighborhoods find themselves facing many obstacles to growth. More than 96% of the children attending Allen and Belden qualify for free or reduced lunches. More than one-half of the families in our community live below the poverty line. Many of the children who grow up in generational poverty are often not exposed to messages embracing the value of education. For many, the educational system has become another voice reinforcing their failures rather than their gifts. Without the desire to succeed in the classroom, it becomes necessary to manufacture motivation for academic success.


Academic Incentives

The Incentive program allows students to earn a weekly stipend based upon their effort and achievement in both the classroom and the after-school program. The amount of the stipend directly relates to the grade level of the child and runs from $2.00 for 2nd graders up to $5.00 for 5th graders. Students earning the stipend must meet 5 criterions each week:

1. All graded assignments in the classroom must score a “C” or better;

2. All homework must be turned in with honest effort given;

3. They must attend school and the after-school program each day;

4. They may not be sent home from the after-school program or excused from the classroom for disciplinary reasons; and

5. They need to give an honest effort during the academic portion of the after-school program.

The goal of this program is that the incentive for learning opens the doors to a love for learning.

Summer Enrichment Camp

The Summer Enrichment Camp is a strategic effort by Lighthouse Ministries to eliminate the loss of learning experienced my many students in our neighborhood over the summer months.   Students will find this summer camp experience to be jam-packed with on-the go learning.  


Escaping from Education's Death Valley by Ken Robinson:




Serving the youth of Southeast Canton with the love of Christ.


Most of the students in our community face many obstacles to their intellectual, social, physical, and spiritual growth.  We name a few of them here not to generate pity but in an attempt to be realistic.  None of these obstacles are in and of themselves a game-stopper.  Though when these obstacles begin piling one on to of the other we begin to see the great difficulty that children and families face as they try to achieve in the classroom and aspire vocationally.










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