Role Models

Many, if not all of our children, have caregivers who love and care deeply for them. Unfortunately there are many other forces at work offering negative influences in their lives. A significant number of our children do not have an active male role-model in their lives. This huge gap leaves many of our young people searching. Canton's largest gang is based near-by and is very attractive for many of the young boys looking for acceptance and a community to belong to.


Mentor & Volunteer Program

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Well-trained & Compassionate Staff

Each year, Lighthouse staff are certified in the Mandt System. This is a comprehensive crisis management and crisis de-escalation approach to working with our students. The focus of the Mandt System is to build healthy relationships between students and staff by creating a culture of trust and safety. It is in this environment that students can grow and thrive and learn new strategies to manage themselves. 



Every Kid Needs A Champion by Rita Pierson:



Serving the youth of Southeast Canton with the love of Christ.


Most of the students in our community face many obstacles to their intellectual, social, physical, and spiritual growth.  We name a few of them here not to generate pity but in an attempt to be realistic.  None of these obstacles are in and of themselves a game-stopper.  Though when these obstacles begin piling one on to of the other we begin to see the great difficulty that children and families face as they try to achieve in the classroom and aspire vocationally.