The City of Canton has suffered great job loss in recent years. More than 10,000 jobs have been lost since 2000.  This causes hardship for everyone.  48% of the families living in our neighborhood live at or below the poverty line.  97% of the children attending our neighborhood school qualify for free or reduced lunches.  The bottom line is that the overwhelming majority of our community struggles financially.  The lack of financial resources puts stress on many aspects of family life including, but not limited to, support for education (adequate supplies) and residential stability (40% of the children attending Belden Elementary School move during the school year).


Business Builders Club

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Vocational Awareness

Each year the Lighthouse brings in 10-15 professionals and individuals working in the trades to speak about their careers with our fourth and fifth grade students. The Vocational Awareness Program runs every other Tuesday afternoon part of our After-School Program. The students will engage in journaling exercises and interviews with the professionals, allowing them to explore the career opportunities made available to them through hard work and committment to education.

Throughout the year the students will fill their personal vocational folder with the profiles of the people interviewed and their own journal entries about vocation. The profile entries require the students to ask for information about income, physical demands, pro/cons, routine, etc. This year the students have interviewed a RN, an engineer, a hairdresser, a rap artist, a postman, a lawyer, a police officer, and the Mayor of Canton! 

In their report on effective career awareness programs for elementary students, Hanover Research states, "Our responsibility as adults in the lives of children and young adults is to provide many and varied developmentally appropriate opportunities for career awareness, career exploration and the development of life career."




Serving the youth of Southeast Canton with the love of Christ.


Most of the students in our community face many obstacles to their intellectual, social, physical, and spiritual growth.  We name a few of them here not to generate pity but in an attempt to be realistic.  None of these obstacles are in and of themselves a game-stopper.  Though when these obstacles begin piling one on to of the other we begin to see the great difficulty that children and families face as they try to achieve in the classroom and aspire vocationally.