Trip Prep

Preparing your group for your time with us

If you’re like the typical group leader, your schedule is filled with many activities. It is understandable when you are tempted to put off training the youth for your short-term mission trip. Let’s face it, it is time-consuming and it is hard work. But the truth is, training dramatically increases your group’s success—not just success in adjusting to different surroundings, but success in understanding how God is calling them to minister.

There are three basic reasons for training your youth:

  1. Training helps develop communication and learning skills that will help your group to process the new experiences they will have.

  2. Training develops attitude skills. It introduces new ways of looking at issues found in cross-cultural experiences. These new attitudes are critical when it comes to understanding God’s plan for the whole world.

  3. Training provides basic orientation that helps build realistic expectations for the trip.


In order to properly prepare your group for their mission experience, we have put together a manual complete with 8 lessons to help you, the leader, successfully train your group.  

Upon submission of your $250 deposit you will receive the key to access our page allowing you to download all of our pre-trip materials.

  • Packing lists specific to your stay with us
  • The Pre-field Orientation Manual.  Each of the 8 lessons comes with 2-3 team building exercises tied directly to that lesson.
  • Registration and Medical Release forms
  • FYI packet for your group leaders 
  • Digital copies of our videos for promotion and information meetings with your group, your congregation, parents, and all other interested parties.












My personal experience in hosting the more than 50 service teams coming to the Lighthouse over the past 12 years, has been that there is a noticeable difference in the attitude of and impact made by the teams that took the time to go through the Pre-Field Orientation training”.

- Lighthouse Ministries staff-member