As a community ministry dependent upon voluntary donations and grants, Lighthouse Ministries has developed a successful model for ministry along with a strategic, proactive business plan to support it. This plan is based on an approach taught by The Mandt System, Inc., an international consulting and training organization.

Our business plan to support our ministry is based on the Excellence of the work we do, the demonstration of our Effectiveness through outcomes validated by post-participation studies, and our ability to manage all our resources with Efficiency.


To be efficient is to demonstrate resourcefulness, economy and adaptability.

Our resourcefulness is found in the youth ministry interns whose stipends are supported by businesses who want to support urban ministry, youth ministry, and help introduce future pastors to the Mennonite church.

Our economy is found in the ways in which we creatively partner with organizations to secure food for the after school programs, and the creative partnership with Canton City schools to provide services within their schools as well as at the Lighthouse.

In the work we do, we strive to be the best possible stewards of our resources. Our adaptability is seen in our relationships with Walsh, Kent State, and Malone Universities; interns and student volunteers provide more than 900 hours of instructional and social support services to augment our paid professional staff.

Our commitment to Excellence, Effectiveness, and Efficiency has helped us to not only grow in our own ministry at the Lighthouse, it has helped us to grow in our Christian faith and in our witness to the community. The Neighborhood After School Initiative (NASI) has given us the opportunity to not only serve our local neighborhood, but the greater Canton community as well. Working with Mennonite churches in Stark, Wayne, and Tuscarawas counties have helped us to “rebuild the ruins and renew the streets on which to dwell” and in ways small and large repair the breach between ourselves and our God. It is to this vision of Isaiah 58:6-12 that we aspire to with Excellence, with Effectiveness, and with Efficiency.



Serving the youth of Southeast Canton with the love of Christ.