As a community ministry dependent upon voluntary donations and grants, Lighthouse Ministries has developed a successful model for ministry along with a strategic, proactive business plan to support it. This plan is based on an approach taught by The Mandt System, Inc., an international consulting and training organization.

Our business plan to support our ministry is based on the Excellence of the work we do, the demonstration of our Effectiveness through outcomes validated by post-participation studies, and our ability to manage all our resources with Efficiency.



To show effectiveness is to demonstrate capability, productivity, validity and success.

The effectiveness of our work can be found in the amazing successes of many of the children who attend the Lighthouse. Students who attend our after school programs consistently see higher rates of academic growth as shown by their scores on English and Math competency tests, and many who were non-proficient in previous years are now rated proficient.

Effectiveness is also demonstrated in the increased capability of students to manage their own behaviors and decrease disruptive behavior. Due to our unique approach, more positive behaviors are also demonstrated in other settings. In fact, when the foundations who partially fund our program reviewed all our behavioral data, they increased our funding to facilitate training in The Mandt System® to all of the after school programs in the collaborative of which the Lighthouse is a member.

The most amazing validity of our Effectiveness is the fact that some of our students from six years ago are going to college, are gainfully employed, and are contributing members of the community, and some are even employees of The Lighthouse today, passing on the richness they received previously to our students. Every year one or two high school students start as volunteers and are hired in their junior and senior years as staff with the Lighthouse.




Serving the youth of Southeast Canton with the love of Christ.


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