Internships & Field Placements

The Lighthouse is privileged to have students and young adults use their time and talents to further our mission of Impacting the Youth of Our Community With the Love of Christ. We hope that through your experience with us you will learn and grow. 

Below you will find a listing of the various types of field placements we have developed to fit your course requirements. You will find helpful links in the side bar specific to your placement.

Again we thank you for your participation at the Lighthouse. 

Darin Nissley
Executive Director Lighthouse Ministries


Summer Internships

Do Something Meaningful with Your Summer!

Lighthouse Ministries is looking for college and high school students to serve as interns with our Summer Enrichment Camp. It's short-term missions in your backyard!

Basic Info:

  • Camp begins with staff training in early June and ends during the first week of August.
  • The Camp runs four days each week from Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Our camp will be held at Hartford Middle School.
  • College students will serve as Educational Ministry Interns and in teams of two lead a group of six high school interns to work with each grade.
  • Like with other short-term mission assignments, you will need to raise your own support.

For more information like job descriptions, support raising, and our online application please click the link to the right to visit our Enrichment Camp Staff Page

Youth Ministry Internships

Youth Ministry or Christian Ministry Majors
Year-long and 10 or 15 hours per week

The Lighthouse Ministries Internship Program exists to help Christian Ministry majors at Malone College discern their calling as ministers of the Gospel through an exploration of urban youth ministry and Mennonite faith and practice.  Your internship with the Lighthouse will consist of three components:

Program Component
All internships divide their program time between our After School Program and one of our evening clubs (Elementary, Middle School, and High School).

Educational Component
Internships include weekly meetings with the Executive Director examining current issues in urban youth ministry and effective leadership, and Mennonite faith and practice.

Administrative Component
Interns will learn about the administrative side of operating a ministry. This includes opportunities for research, grant work, fund-raising, and documentation.

We offer two Level I Internships(10-12 hrs/wk) and one Level II internship (15-17 hrs/wk) each year.


Community Cross-Cultural Placements

For Malone Students in SW211 Fall or Spring
30 hours

This placement typically has university students working twice each week from 3 to 5 p.m. on Mondays/Wednesdays or Tuesdays/Thursdays. This structure will allow you to work with the same two grades of students each day you serve. You will ideally split your time between assisting in the academic room and the recreation areas.

You will need to have a background check performed before you are allowed to start your placement. Additionally, please view our calendar to make sure you are aware of any days the after-school program may be not running.


Jr Social Work Internships

For Malone Students in SWK 348 - Spring
60 hours

Jr. Social Work majors from Malone work with the children in our after-school program with teams of two or three interns assigned to specific grades. Small group work and assisting students in a wide variety of settings allows for close relationships with students to form. The placement is designed with a focus at the beginning of the semester on establishing familiarity with the students and shifts over the course of the placement to more small group resourcing and instruction at the end end of the semester.

You will meet with the Executive Director every two to three weeks to discuss how the internship is going and to give opportunity to express concerns and new ideas for ways we can better serve the students at the Lighthouse.


Walsh University Students

For Walsh students enrolled in English 102 or Sociology 312
12 hours and 10 hours respectively

This placement has university students working in our after-school program. Students can sign up for the academic times from 3:00 to 4:15 p.m. and/or the enrichment times from 4:15 to 5:30 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. We would like no more than eight students total signed up for any particular academic session and no more than four students signed up for the enrichment time.

University students signed up for the academic sessions will be working with students one on one. Classroom teachers have assembled packets of materials, for each student in our program, designed to help them in the areas they are struggling in.

Those signed up for the enrichment times will assist the students in two sessions of art, recreation, bucket drumming, language and/or other fun activities. Your job will be to interact with the students as much as possible assisting them with tasks when needed.




Serving the youth of Southeast Canton with the love of Christ.