As a community ministry dependent upon voluntary donations and grants, Lighthouse Ministries has developed a successful model for ministry along with a strategic, proactive business plan to support it. This plan is based on an approach taught by The Mandt System, Inc., an international consulting and training organization.

Our business plan to support our ministry is based on the Excellence of the work we do, the demonstration of our Effectiveness through outcomes validated by post-participation studies, and our ability to manage all our resources with Efficiency.


To excel is to have distinction, quality, and merit.

We hold true to our distinctiveness as Christians with an Anabaptist – Mennonite heritage. It is from this base that we will reach children with the love of Christ.

All the work we do adheres to the highest levels of quality as we support the children we work with intellectually, socially, and spiritually.


  • The Lighthouse creates an environment which fosters intellectual growth in the children we work with across all of our programming by:

    • ensuring that our after-school programs meet or exceed the best practices set forth by the Ohio Department of Education and the Stark County After School Council;

    • integrating enrichment and self-guided learning which create opportunities for the children to learn experientially and to be both thoughtful and intentional in their learning, creating, and becoming.

    • ensuring staff to student ratios are no lower than 1 to 8

    • integrating recreation into every program day.

  • The Lighthouse creates an environment promoting pro-social behavior by:

    • treating the children enrolled in our programs with dignity and respect at all times;

    • certifying our staff in The Mandt System®, an internationally acclaimed program also used locally by the Stark County Board of Developmental Disabilities and Perry Local Schools;

    • teaching our students conflict resolution skills thus enabling them to enter into conflict in ways which build their relationships rather than weaken them.

  • The Lighthouse fosters spiritual growth by creating environments which allow youth to understand that the Kingdom of God:

    • views them with unsurpassable worth;

    • invites anyone to join at their choosing;

    • offers a community which will walk with and support them;

    • is a Kingdom of love for love is the greatest witness.

The merit of our work can be found in the healthy relationships we form with each other, with the families of the children we serve, and with our community. It is in relationship that we are able to demonstrate the love of God for each person with whom we come into contact.




Serving the youth of Southeast Canton with the love of Christ.




ODE guidelines for best practices in after-school programming



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