Planned Giving

For individuals wanting to support the Lighthouse through planned or ‘deferred’ giving we recommend using Mennonite Foundation, an affiliate of Everence Financial.

Everence is a financial services organization based on the idea that it is possible to incorporate your faith and values with your decisions about money. Everence helps individuals, organizations, and congregations through a national team of advisors.

Mennonite Foundation as an affiliate of Everence offers many options for you to express your faith and values to most effectively reach your charitable giving goals. Today Mennonite Foundation manages the charitable giving of thousands of clients with their giving-in-action currently totaling more than $300 Million in assets.

The potential benefits of planned giving, and the process for making these gifts, should be
discussed with your financial advisor, a lawyer, or accountant.

For more information, please contact David Miller at the Foundation at 330-763-3191 or at

Here are the types of planned giving that Lighthouse Ministries is set up to receive through Mennonite Foundation:


Appreciated Securities

A gift of stock may be given either now or as part of planned giving.

In general, donating appreciated securities during life allows a donor to take an income tax deduction of the appreciated value without ever having to realize the capital gain on the securities.

Mennonite Foundation is set up to receive gifts of stock to the Lighthouse. 



A bequest names Lighthouse Ministries as a beneficiary in your will or trust for a specific amount, percentage, or for the residuary amount of one’s estate.

The beauty of this technique is that the donor is not giving up any assets during life. The gift is made only after the donor’s death.

If estate taxes are a possible issue for a donor, a bequest would provide a deduction against estate taxes.


Gift Annuities

A charitable gift annuity is a great way to help Lighthouse Ministries while also securing your future.

It’s a gift that provides you with a fixed income for life and frees you from managing funds that you intend to eventually give away.

Mennonite Foundation can set up an annuity for $5,000 or more. 


Gift of Life Insurance During Life

A donor can give Lighthouse Ministries his/her Life Insurance policy and receive a tax deduction.


Tax Deferred Accounts & Annuities

A donor can designate Lighthouse Ministries as a death beneficiary of a portion or all of the donor’s 401Ks, IRAs or annuities.

One benefit of this planned giving technique is that the donor retains use of the asset during life in case the donor needs the funds.

When annuities are left to an individual, there is often built up income that will become taxable income to the individual at their current rate.

Lighthouse Ministries, as a charitable organization, pays no income tax, on the portion of a 401K or IRA left to us. Tax deferred money left to individuals is taxed at their current rate.




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To learn more about Everence and the values by which Mennonite Foundation will help you in your charitable giving please visit the Everence website.